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Chest Development Exercises Without Weightsmassive Pecs System

chest development exercises without weights-You do not have to go to the gym to build big chest muscles. Home trainers can benefit from training at home. I believe in weight training but fact is some people cannot get to the gym! There is some reason that stops them form going Öin any case some would like to hit the gym to build a big chest but they canít afford the gym or there is no gym in their town!

Let me introduce no weights chest training-there is a way to build massive pectorals and you can certainly define and shape your chest with non weights chest training!

Please understand this- you will not be able to develop a thick well developed chest with non weights chest training! Donít fool yourself in this matter, weights and free weights are needed if you want a 3-4 inch thick chest!

Here is a non weights pec building routine! chest development exercises without weights

The best exercise that uses no weights is the pushups or floor dip. Here is how you perform this non weight massive chest building exercise. Lie face down on the floor; place your hands on the floor using a wide spacing, which will force your upper arms way from your body! Now keeping your torso straight, with toes and hands only touching the floor, now press your self up using your pectoral muscles. Now lower yourself until your chin or chest almost touches the floor and repeat this up and down movement until you have completed your set of reps!

To make this exercise harder you can use 3 chairs , in this exercise you will stand the chairs in a triangle formation, placing your two feet on one chair , , and one hand on e3ach remaining chair, now when you lower your self you will dip below chair level, getting that deep stretch.

Next chest development exercises without weights

Dips using two chairs

the next best exercise is the dip, in this exercise you will use two chairs and perform dips for your chest! The chairs you use must be sturdy high back chairs. Stand the two chairs back to back shoulder width apart now stand in between the two chairs, now place your hands on the back of each chair, your palms facing toward your body. Now lift yourself off the ground and supporting your bodyweight with your arms locked in a straight position. Now lower your body with legs crossed, by bending your arms until you cannot descend any further. Now push yourself back up to the fully contracted position!

With non weight chest building exercises you want to take all sets to failure-which means you want to take all sets to the point where completing another repetition is impossible.

Donít forget about sleeping and resting and eating properly to get massive pecs. You need 8-9 hours of sleep, make sure you take in quality protein every 3 hours so your chest muscles get all the amino acids they need. Best protein foods include eggs, meat, chicken and fish. Also eat complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, rice, potatoes and oatmeal. You also need fresh vegetables. Be consistent with these exercises! chest development exercises without weights

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Chest Development Exercises Without Weightsmassive Pecs System

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