weight training chest muscles, get a cut ripped upper pecs, bench presses, inclines and declines,

Weight Training Chest Muscles

How to get a cut ripped upper pecs by weight training chest muscles!

Do you want ripped pectoral muscles! Well here is how you can build a massive chest and get wicked chest separation!

But first let me show you someone who had a big cut chest- it is Franco columbu. He had a jaw dropping chest cuts between his upper and lower pecs. And Franco got his massive chest development from performing bench presses! How do I know well in all the old Joe weider articles about Franco? Franco plainly stated that he used to do 7-10 sets of bench presses, Plus more on inclines and declines!

. So, if you want that cut and striations along your chest, do lots of incline bench press work, then do declines and flats and make sure you hit every possible area of the chest. -That is how you go about weight training chest muscles!

Weight Training Chest Muscles

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