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Man Pecs

How to bring your man pecs or chest up to par!

What if you have a poorly developed chest? What if you don't have big man pecs and your chest is lagging from the rest of your body! Well if you want to know how to develop a weak pecs then here is what you should do. First of all make sure you use of the Priority principle, which entails that you train your weak pecs first thing in your workout and next second, try training harder for that weak pectoral muscle if you lack:

Upper chest- does more incline barbell presses and Incline Dumbbell flyes.

Lower chest- do more decline barbell presses and decline Dumbbell flyes.

Inner chest- performs close grip presses and Cable flyes.

Use high intensity principles like forced reps and partials to help blast through a plateau! And help you develop big man pecs that will drive women crazy with anticipation!

Man Pecs

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