How to add 2 inches of raw dense massive muscle on to your stubborn to grow pecs in just 12 weeks

 I Need Your Help!

Help Me And I Will Show You How To Get A Sexy Ripped To Shreds Chest(pecs) That Will Have The Opposite Sex Begging And Standing In Line Just To Get A Chance To Go Out With You!

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Dear Friend,
If you will grant me one favor…I will let you in on the fastest way to build up your chest (pecs) muscles  in just 12 weeks! And the best part is you can even try it for FREE if you choose!

Here is what it is all about:

We have discovered the fastest way to build up your chest…a unique and scientific way that gets your chest muscles to explode with new and “unseen” muscle growth! Now, I need not tell you this but you must known the importance of having a well built, well-defined chest. A well-built fully developed pair of pecs  is second to none as far as women are concerned!   

Get this fact! - In a recent survey done by COSMOPOLITAN Magazine, women voted a well-developed chest as the sexiest and most desirable part of the male anatomy, …not the abs, not the arms but the chest! Yes a well-built, well-defined chest gets the highest vote of 79%… and you want to know why?

 Well …not one in a 1000 men has a well-developed chest! Not one in a 1000 has massive pecs In fact, these days most men have “bitch tits” for a chest! And That Is Just Plain WRONG …IT just Takes Away From your manhood…you simply aren’t a man if you have a pair of bitch tits…what you need are huge pecs

“A Well-Developed Chest Signals Athletic And Sexual Prowess”

 And that is why I write today…I want you to have this opportunity to develop a chest that will send the women lusting over you! And if you have a lagging chest or your chest is just not you hoped it could be, then read on because what I want to share with you will literally transform your chest overnight!

 This chest system I want to share with you is quite literally a breakthrough in massive chest development 

It is the only system of its kind to”

Ø      Trigger bucket load of testeoerone. Which means you will grow your pec muscle easy while slashing away recovery time...result: your pecs  will grow like weeds…

Ø      Trigger the CNS…you will trigger “hidden and unseen strength in your pec muscles” this will allow you to build explosive and mind boggling strength in the chest (you will be the strongest bencher at your gym)

Ø      Permanence training-which is the ability to tap the deepest muscle fibers of the chest...muscle fibers that have until now been left untapped by conventional chest training…this means you will develop huge pecs super fast without excuses…

Ø      Holistic training…targeting every muscle fiber of the pec muscle, nerve and muscles in the chest for explosive and awesome growth!

Ok combine these 4 elements into your training and you create a synergistic explosion of muscle growth that literally piles on slab after slab of rock hard muscle onto your chest…so that in just 12 weeks you will easily

“Slam 2 Inches Onto Your Stubborn –To-Grow Pecs And You Are Going To Need A Whole New Wardrobe To House Your New Massive Chest”

Ok, I am talking about making chest gains that will get the opposite sex to take notice (and literally gawk at you). I am taking of gains at the gym that will literally get your buddies boiling with envy as they point to your pecs and cry “ chest implants”…you wont believe how fast your chest will transform right before your very own eyes!

 “As You Put On Trilling New Chest Size Literally Overnight”

 Ok this system is a no fail chest building system. This means if you follow the easy “like A-B-C” instructions there is no way on Gods green earth that you will not develop a massive chest…and I don’t care how skinny your chest is right now…or how already developed your pecs might be right now...or how much of a hard gainer you are …young or old this system will get your chest muscles growing like wild weeds on super potent fertilizer….

 And this system will work for you, because 487 clients have already tested it, plus :

Ø      It is easy to follow…a simple step by step simple even a baby could follow it …

Ø      It has a full “easy to follow nutritional” section which you can follow for massive gains…forget boring bland foods...this super delicious nutritional system will supply all the amino acids, carbohydrates you need to build a gigantic chest…

Ø      There is nothing to figure out, just follow the step-bys-step 12-week growth system and you will get chest gains that are nothing short of awesome…

Ø      Because it boost testosterone levels up by 250%, both young and old can use it for breathtaking chest results …without the side effects of harmful drugs like anabolic steroids…

 It should not be this easy to build huge pecs like this but it is …it is the stuff I used personally to take my chest from 51 inches to 53 inches in just 11 weeks!

 And get this: this massive chest system is so powerful; it works even if you are on steroids…

 And there is so much more you will discover such as

  •   Discover the "orange twist" technique that will squeeze out those hard to grow inner chest muscles...So they will mushroom with startling new growth right before your very own eyes…with mind boggling speed…(you will pinch yourself just to make sure this is all real…because you would have never experienced such an intense Growth spurt like this)
  •   How to add up to 2 inches on your chest with this astounding but forgotten exercise(It is not any sort of chest press or fly) if you have a hollow or flat chest, you have to use this exercise; for it literally expands your chest, gives you more pep and energy and allows you to add slabs after slabs of lean chest mass onto your rib cage. (You will be the only one at your gym using this chest expanding exercise and the only one who will be making frightening gains in the chest department on a workout-by-workout basis… just imagine having a set of ripped massive chest to boast with…)
  •  How a simple ingenious training exercise (often ignored today) routine invented in the early 1800’s can help you grow beyond belief today! (No one has a clue as to what this technique is, yet it delivers uninterrupted spurts of pure raw muscle growth) … use this simple exercise after your leg workouts and watch your chest expand at startling levels. (You will be able to rip the sleeves of your shirt when you use this upper body “expanding exercise”…you will be shocked at the transformation you will undergo with this “forgotten” technique)
  • Discover a simple “secret” food that you can find in any super market or grocery store that will immediately skyrocket your muscle gains almost as fast as steroids… (This INEXPENSIVE food stuff has the uncanny reputation and natural ability to transform 90 pound weaklings into strong mass monsters literally overnight…all you have to do is use it and then watch yourself GROW, GROW AND GROW!!)
  • How a Simple addition to your diet program can actually increase and stretch the size of your muscle cells allowing for greater muscle development and potential. And while simultaneously cutting the chances of gaining body fat…. (Discover this fail proof mass building diet, that has been until now hidden from the public by scientist!)
  • Discover how to induce the “indirect effect” where one simple exercise performed a “certain way” will ignite the furnace of muscle growth, forcing natural anabolic hormones and chemicals in the body to saturate the whole body (including the arms, calves and the forearms) jump starting the body to make new and awesome strides in muscle growth (you will be able to target and stimulate more muscle growth in all parts of the body in a faction of the time normally needed to stimulate the whole body (so you’ll get your whole body growing at an accelerated pace.
  • How to build momentum into your muscle building efforts, so you will add inch after inch of solid muscle without let up or excuses. (Once you get your own personal muscle “ball” Rolling there will be no stopping your progress.)
  • Discover 12 super secret and dirt-cheap-do-it-at-home recovery techniques you can do at home that will accelerate the recovery and growth process. (Allowing you to workout more often, prevent soreness and make the best gains of your life!)
  •  A simple trick to increase the nutritional density of your diet without adding bland tasteless foods to your diet. (You’ll dance when you see all the goodies you can add to your diet…and ravel in delight when you find how these super foods spike up your metabolism blasting body fat away and add slab and slabs of dense rock hard muscle to your chest!)
  •  Discover a “press your hands technique” that brings out the striations on your chest so your chest will move and look like a bunch or taut steel cables. (Imagine moving your shirt and getting friends and onlookers to grasp with amazement-as you display wicked striations all over your chest!)
  • A simple non-weight technique that will turn your lagging chest growth around 180 Degrees, and it can work for you too. (Best part it requires half the effort you currently expend on your chest exercises and yet doubles your rate of growth)
  • How to use your legs to gain an instant 10% increase in strength on the bench press. (It is not cheating or using momentum)
  •   How to use controlled overtraining to suck up to 97% more growth from your chest muscles…(this technique is so controversial it angers the “experts” but it makes guys with flat chests happy… As it adds 2-3 inches of solid ripped mass on to their chest in just a few short weeks.)
  • Discover the one “non-weight training” technique that will make the terms “overtraining” and plateau obsolete in your vocabulary. (That is because you will never hit a plateau and you will shrug whenever someone complains about overtraining)
  • How a 3000-year-old Greek training principle literally ensures that your chest will explode with never-before-seen size and strength. (Discover how to use it and watch your chest mushroom in size at super fast speeds…)
  • How to combine volume training and intensity training to achieve an astonishing breakthrough level of growth in your chest muscles(the high intensity training will tap into the deepest previously untapped muscle fibers of the chest whiles the volume training will stimulate and boost testosterone and GH levels…so your chest will grow like a weed on super radioactive fertilizer…)
  • A simple trick you can use whiles training chest that will allow you to lighten the load and automatically activate your chest gains soaring through the roof. (It is simple and easy to apply and will prevent nagging injuries from ever occurring!)
  •  A simple non-chest training technique that will increase the size of your rib cage. Allowing you to slam even more mass on your chest…so forget about having lousy stubborn to grow chest genes…(this technique will “fool” your chest muscles to grow like a mad brush fire burning a dry brush…the ladies will take notice as your chest fills your clothing perfectly)
  • Discover 2 exercises you can use in place of the bench press. That will engorge your chest muscles with growth producing blood and boost your pec strength and size gains(this is great news if you cant bench press. You can still making hulking chest size gains)
  • Discover the exact hand spacing needed on the bench press that will allow you to steal 21% more growth on your "hard to grow" shoulder to chest tie in area…(you will be one of the few to spot a perfectly developed chest. Imagine taking your shirt off at the beach and having the ladies staring and gawking  at your one of a kind  massive chest… )

Now I could go on and on and fill 4-8 pages of the benefits this program will give you but I am sure you get the point in how powerful this system is in building a pair of huge massive pecs .

 NOW HERE IS WHY I NEED your help:

  I have exactly 37 copies of the massive chest program printed out in hard book version. This is a test – normally I offer my manuals as an e-book but I wanted to see how a hard copy version would do …a lot of people like myself prefer a hard copy manual rather than a e-book (where you have to strain to read from your computer screen)…so I decided to print 120 copies…. and I sold out 83 copies already by word of mouth at my gym…(yes it is that powerful)

 So here is what I want to offer you: this hard copy version is very expensive to print…you see, because I am not a big publishing company I have to print these manuals on demand, this is very expensive, it cost time, ink, paper just to get these manuals printed   …and normally I would have to charge $107 for such a manual – and trust me at this price this massive chest manual is a still a steal…when you consider that it normally takes people 3-4 years to add 2 inches on their chest…but with this system you get a guaranteed way to add 2 inches of ripped to shreds muscle mass onto your pecs in just 12 weeks…and  because  this is a simple test I am willing to lose out on my investment so long as it will benefit you!

 The Massive Chest Manual normally sells as an e-book for just $39.99 but if you act now, I will send you the printed version for the same price of $39.99 plus shipping and handling:  now like I said I just have 37 copies left and once they are gone, they are gone and hey will be offered at a full $107, so if you are remotely interested, go get your check book or money order and WRITE A check for $64.99 , fill the order form that came with this letter and make the check /money order  payable to me Rob Maraby and mail it express post to

Rob Maraby
58 Corning Rd


M2J 2M1

I will send your Massive Chest Manual out to you as soon as I receive your order! But hurry because 37 copies will sell out in just a few short days …right now as you read this, 27 other people are also reading this letter...and I know it will sell out in just a few short days..

 And there is one slight catch…you see, because I just have 37 copies, there are only two ways you can order this hard copy version of the Massive Chest Program  and that is by check or money order or by clicking the "order the massive chest link below"…you  see, it cost way too much to get a 1-800 number just to sell  37 copies of the massive chest program…

 …so if you want this, I suggest you whip up your cheque book and write out a check for $49.99 plus $15 or click this link now


And get this, you can try the massive chest program with absolutely no risk to you …with my

 “Iron Clad 100% Money Back. Don’t –Pay-Me –Till-It Works Guarantee” 

I am so sure that this system will work for you...I actually want you to post date your check for a full 30 days, this way …you have a full 30 days to try this system out. If in that time you don’t see the gains I speak off…just write back to me, send the manual back and I will send back your uncashed check back to you…. how is that for a RISK FREE GUARANTEE? and if you order using the link below , you still have a full 120 days to test drive this massive chest program with absolutely no RISK to you

…but you must hurry right now! Because this letter went to a 1000 of my hottest clients and I am telling you 37 copies will disappear in a few days...if you don’t act now and it sells out, I will simply have to return your post dated check back to you or refund your online purchase order …this is a once in a life time opportun ity that you cant miss! 

And you have a full 120 days to check this system out, remember to postdate your check 30 days ahead …either this system works for you or you pay nothing! 

In just 12 weeks you will have a massive set of pecs looking at your in the mirror, you will have women standing in line just to get a chance to meet you…and you are going to love the way you self-confidence levels shoots up the charts …don’t miss this chance …huge pecs and a set of ripped to shreds chest can be yours…ACT NOW 



P.S. Here is what folks are saying:

“Gain An Inch On Your Chest In Just 37 Days”

“Absolutely breathtaking is all I can say. I am utterly delighted at the results of your chest growth system. It works like magic. The first week I used it my pecs felt full…the second week it got hard...on the third week I put on ¾ of an inch…between the 4-5 th week I put on an inch…week 6-7 I put another ¼ inch on my chest. At the end of it my entire chest has deep cuts and definition …I also especially enjoyed the nutritional part…eating simple every day foods was a bonus. Cause I hate the traditional bodybuilders diet…with your system, there was no bland tasting foods, no strict diets…no cooking…I could be myself and still make phenomenal gains…all I can say to anyone who is remotely interested in increasing their chest size is “get this system”, then actually use it and watch your chest grow…. its that powerful!”
Bill Mayer via email

 “Transform Not Only Your Chest But The Rest Of Your Body As Well”

“Be consistent is all I can say…this system works like a charm if you stay consistent…when I first came across your system, I was skeptical, cause I have tried a lot of chest building programs in the past and failed…even after 6 years of training I still had a flat chest…so I decided to give it a try …after all it came with a 90 days money back guarantee…37 days later I am no longer a skeptic…my chest is no longer flat and I have made more gains in the last 30 odd days than my last 3 years of training…(I gained 1.26 inches to be exact) if you lack chest size. Get this…if you lack leg size get this...heck if you just want added mass everywhere on your body get this…you won regret it- I know I did not!” Spiro T, Toronto Canada via email

 “Blast Your Bench Power Through The Roof”

“I was stuck at 225 for 12 repetitions for the last 2 years on the flat bench press and I just wanted to break through my plateau…so I gave your system a try…in just 3 weeks in was pushing 250 for 9-11 repetitions…2 weeks later another 35 lbs…and the weird part is I did not even perform barbell chest presses…at the end of the course I was pushing 325lbs for 6 reps …and added one and a third inches to my chest…wow, I don’t know how it all works but man this routine will give you the strength and power you need…and the ability to add muscle to your chest… I highly recommend it!”
Karim Meza in Lebanon via email

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