if You Find It Hard To Build Your Chest...Or Can’t Get Them To Grow In Proportion To The Rest Of Your Body Then You Will Want To Read The Short Message Below Because It Reveals How A Simple Chest Training Breakthrough Will Allow You To…

Gain Up To 3 Inches Of Ripped-To-Shreds Lean Muscle Mass On Your Stubborn-To-Grow Chest…In Just 8 Weeks...Guaranteed…Without Drugs, Special Equipment...Or Even Supplements!

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  And do it naturally. With a fraction of the time and effort you are currently spending on your old fashioned and inefficient chest routines…with an amazing 3 step chest training system that literally forces your chest muscles to erupt with new “previously untapped muscle growth”…plus you create an indirect growth producing effect on the rest of your body, accelerating your chest growth with “never –before-seen” rates of growth…so you can get the biggest, most ripped chest and get your body as big and as massive as you’d like...as fast as humanly possible…

...in fact you will grow your chest up to 9.7 times faster than that of a conventional chest routine could ever hope to achieve  and do it  so easily…your friends are going to look at your wicked chest development  and cry “chest-implants” and the hot ladies are going to want to come up to you and feel your new massive chest muscles- guaranteed!

Dear friend,
My name is Rob Maraby and if you are currently suffering from a droopy or skinny underdeveloped chest…or if you just can’t seem to get some aspect of the chest to grow…. or if you are just downright tired of being laughed at whenever you take your shirt off,

And If a hulking, fully developed, massive and ultra ripped chest is what you desire… then look no further, because what I have to reveal to you here is a very special and advanced area of bodybuilding that has never been covered in any muscle magazine, or on the net or in any bodybuilding book...not by a fat chance!

 No. The secrets I want to share with you are the result of painstaking research…hours and hours of boring and tiring technical research tied together with 17 years of “in-the-field" training sessions at the gym…

 What I want to share with you, are simple, yet overlooked chest training tricks that will give you a; bulbous upper chest, perfectly rounded lower chest, deep ripped inner pecs and a fan shaped outer chest that ties in perfectly with your shoulders…giving you that perfectly developed “Bat Man” Armour plated type chest lookthat will have the ladies flipping in anticipation the moment you enter a room….


The secrets I want to share with you will give you the kind of chest that will set you aside from the rest of your “gym rat” buddies. No one will come even close to having the type of massive and compete development you will have when you use these simple secrets…because the techniques in this breakthrough chest growth system, will get every ounce of muscle in your chestto explode with new and once untapped muscle growth that will allow you to

“…Build A Mind Blowing Chest, So Immense And So Strong And Yet So Perfectly Proportioned You Will Be Able To Consistently Balance A Full Glass Of Water On Your Upper Chest, Without Spilling A Drop …”


For you, discovering these simple secrets will mean:

  • Developing A Huge Rib Box…which will allow you to develop the foundation that will allow you to pack on even more mass on your chest and give you wicked serratus muscles that will give you that Greek god, ripped-to-shreds masculine look that women can’t help but drool over…
  • Mushroom Your Stubborn Upper And Inner Chest Development...And Get Them Growing To Insane Levels that is sure (to get onlookers jaws dropping to the ground…(as they look and admire your perfectly developed chest)!
  • Developing The Biggest And Most Impressive Chest In Your School, Gym Or At Work(your massive chest is going to grab women and make them hound you like a fox…get ready to handle the attention!)
  • Turn your flat chest into a 3D BUBULOUS chest( all the guys will envy and beg you to teach them the “secrets to your astounding and sudden massive chest growth”)
  •   Develop Such Detail And Cuts That Your Chest Can Be Used In A Medical Class As An Anatomy Chart(you‘ll have a chest that blows away the competition…)

 I can hear you say, “I have seen it all, tried it all and still I have nothing to show for a chest”…. listen I know how you feel, because I was there not too long ago. I had fantastic shoulders, great arms, big legs but a flat chest. And no matter what training I did or food I ate my chest still remained as flat as a smooth table. In fact, I almost gave up training chest entirely until I came cross this breakthrough information I want to reveal to you…

 …And let me tell you one thing about this chest growth system; This stuff is not a rehash of old recycled chest training information…in fact, most of the principles in this manual go head to head against the principles the so called experts set as gospel….

…and yet it blows every chest routine ( that I know off) out of the water when it comes to generating mind boggling and visible results. …In fact, just 4-5 weeks on this massive chest program and

“Your Chest Growth Will Frighten Your Buddies At The Gym”…

It will be fully developed. From top to bottom and from side to side…your hard to grow upper chest will burst with new growth…your lower pecks will get that wicked tie in with your upper abs and your outer pecs will tie in smoothly with your shoulders…and you will get inner pecs so deep and so strong…

 …“You Could Bury And Then Crush A Quarter In Between Those Heaping Mass Of Ripped Mass That You’ll Have For A Chest.

 It’s all that powerful!-if you stick to the simple and easy step-by-step training and nutritional guide laid out for you in the Massive Chest program

 At this point you may be asking, “How does it work? What makes this different from old fashioned chest routines?” well plenty…you see: 

  1. First it uses precise and scientifically calculated training sessions to trigger and stimulate the Central Nervous System  (CNS) in your body (the first workout of its kind to be able to do this). The CNS is the mechanism purported to give the green light to muscle growth…the CNS is the key to muscle growth, any workout you perform is essentially useless unless the CNS is stimulated sufficiently...the average chest workout merely scratches the surface of the CNS (and that is why gains are poor). This breakthrough chest training system is engineered to send a powerful stimulus to your CNS forcing your chest it to grow at unprecedented rates… 
  1. Secondly it uses precisely calculated “muscle building ” workouts that get the body to produce up to 300 percent more testosterone than normal levels... use this simple chest training technology and you will stimulate the secretion of bucket loads of natural growth hormone and testosterone that will allow you to boost your metabolism, strip away ugly body fat (giving you a ripped and defined chest) whiles delivering super sized chest gains that…

 “Will Super Impose On Each Other Like A Gigantic Massive Landslide!” 

  1. And finally it uses holistic training to stress every muscle cell in your body and chest… allowing for rapid and abnormal size gains. This allows you to tap the deepest untapped muscle fibers of the chest that remain dormant even as we speak…allowing you up to 90% more size gains on your chest without any additional time and effort!…Now here comes the amazing part…

Fuse These 3 Principles And You’ll Get An Explosive Muscle Chest Growth Effect...

Combine the power of activating the CNS with the secrets of stimulating all aspects of a muscle together with bucket loads of testosterone and you create a synergistic muscle boosting effect that will send you muscle mass and chest size….

 “Gains Soaring Through The Roof”

That is all it takes…use this ultra simple 3-step chest growth system exactly as described and all of a sudden you will…

“Inject Life Into Your Once Stubborn And Hard To Grow Chest Muscles”

You will no longer believe in the term hard gainer…or overtraining… and you’ll blast away all notions  that you have a stubborn-to-grow chest. In fact you will nod your head whenever someone mentions these terms to you... because they won’t ever apply to your chest training or growth rates …after using this 3-step system you will never feel Ashamed of taking your shirt off at the beach…In fact you will find every and any opportunity display your prize winning…


“…Herculean Chest Development That Sticks Out Like A Pair Of Himalayan Mountains…”

 And you will laugh as the other guys do more sets for their flat chest and stick out their chest trying ever so desperately to stand within the shadow of your…

“Mammoth Sized Chest Muscles…”

 Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well it should, because there is so much more you will discover in this breakthrough chest growth system like:

  •    Discover the "orange twist" technique that will squeeze out those hard to grow inner chest muscles...So they will mushroom with startling new growth right before your very own eyes…with mind boggling speed…(you will pinch yourself just to make sure this is all real…because you would have never experienced such an intense Growth spurt like this)

  •   How to add up to 2 inches on your chest with this astounding but forgotten exercise(It is not any sort of chest press or fly) if you have a hollow or flat chest, you have to use this exercise; for it literally expands your chest, gives you more pep and energy and allows you to add slabs after slabs of lean chest mass onto your rib cage. (You will be the only one at your gym using this chest expanding exercise and the only one who will be making frightening gains in the chest department on a workout-by-workout basis… just imagine having a set of ripped massive chest to boast with…)

  •  How a simple ingenious training exercise (often ignored today) routine invented in the early 1800’s can help you grow beyond belief today! (No one has a clue as to what this technique is, yet it delivers uninterrupted spurts of pure raw muscle growth) … use this simple exercise after your leg workouts and watch your chest expand at startling levels. (You will be able to rip the sleeves of your shirt when you use this upper body “expanding exercise”…you will be shocked at the transformation you will undergo with this “forgotten” technique)

  • Discover a simple “secret” food that you can find in any super market or grocery store that will immediately skyrocket your muscle gains almost as fast as steroids… (This INEXPENSIVE food stuff has the uncanny reputation and natural ability to transform 90 pound weaklings into strong mass monsters literally overnight…all you have to do is use it and then watch yourself GROW, GROW AND GROW!!)

  • How a Simple addition to your diet program can actually increase and stretch the size of your muscle cells allowing for greater muscle development and potential. And while simultaneously cutting the chances of gaining body fat…. (Discover this fail proof mass building diet, that has been until now hidden from the public by scientist!)

  • Discover how to induce the “indirect effect” where one simple exercise performed a “certain way” will ignite the furnace of muscle growth, forcing natural anabolic hormones and chemicals in the body to saturate the whole body (including the arms, calves and the forearms) jump starting the body to make new and awesome strides in muscle growth (you will be able to target and stimulate more muscle growth in all parts of the body in a faction of the time normally needed to stimulate the whole body (so you’ll get your whole body growing at an accelerated pace.

  • How to build momentum into your muscle building efforts, so you will add inch after inch of solid muscle without let up or excuses. (Once you get your own personal muscle “ball” Rolling there will be no stopping your progress.)

  • Discover 12 super secret and dirt-cheap-do-it-at-home recovery techniques you can do at home that will accelerate the recovery and growth process. (Allowing you to workout more often, prevent soreness and make the best gains of your life!)

  •  A simple trick to increase the nutritional density of your diet without adding bland tasteless foods to your diet. (You’ll dance when you see all the goodies you can add to your diet…and ravel in delight when you find how these super foods spike up your metabolism blasting body fat away and add slab and slabs of dense rock hard muscle to your chest!)

  •  Discover a “press your hands technique” that brings out the striations on your chest so your chest will move and look like a bunch or taut steel cables. (Imagine moving your shirt and getting friends and onlookers to grasp with amazement-as you display wicked striations all over your chest!)

  • A simple non-weight technique that will turn your lagging chest growth around 180 Degrees, and it can work for you too. (Best part it requires half the effort you currently expend on your chest exercises and yet doubles your rate of growth)

  • How to use your legs to gain an instant 10% increase in strength on the bench press. (It is not cheating or using momentum)

  •   How to use controlled overtraining to suck up to 97% more growth from your chest muscles…(this technique is so controversial it angers the “experts” but it makes guys with flat chests happy… As it adds 2-3 inches of solid ripped mass on to their chest in just a few short weeks.)

  • Discover the one “non-weight training” technique that will make the terms “overtraining” and plateau obsolete in your vocabulary. (That is because you will never hit a plateau and you will shrug whenever someone complains about overtraining)

  • How a 3000-year-old Greek training principle literally ensures that your chest will explode with never-before-seen size and strength. (Discover how to use it and watch your chest mushroom in size at super fast speeds…)

  • How to combine volume training and intensity training to achieve an astonishing breakthrough level of growth in your chest muscles(the high intensity training will tap into the deepest previously untapped muscle fibers of the chest whiles the volume training will stimulate and boost testosterone and GH levels…so your chest will grow like a weed on super radioactive fertilizer…)

  • A simple trick you can use whiles training chest that will allow you to lighten the load and automatically activate your chest gains soaring through the roof. (It is simple and easy to apply and will prevent nagging injuries from ever occurring!)

  •  A simple non-chest training technique that will increase the size of your rib cage. Allowing you to slam even more mass on your chest…so forget about having lousy stubborn to grow chest genes…(this technique will “fool” your chest muscles to grow like a mad brush fire burning a dry brush…the ladies will take notice as your chest fills your clothing perfectly)

  • Discover 2 exercises you can use in place of the bench press. That will engorge your chest muscles with growth producing blood and boost your pec strength and size gains…(this is great news if you cant bench press. You can still making hulking chest size gains)

  • Discover the exact hand spacing needed on the bench press that will allow you to steal 21% more growth on your "hard to grow" shoulder to chest tie in area…(you will be one of the few to spot a perfectly developed chest. Imagine taking your shirt off at the beach and having the ladies staring and gawking  at your one of a kind  massive chest… )

 And there is so much more, I could fill 6-7 pages of what this massive chest building system can do for your current lagging chest development… but don’t let all this technical jargon scare you…because even a baby could read and understand the hot new chest building system that I want to send to you…

 Listen, once you use these simple chest growth secrets, you will be left with so much astounding chest size, strength, vascularity and muscularity that you will leave onlookers mouths’ agape (wide open) in astonishment and admiration...

 …from the very first week you use this system. You are going to feel your chest swell, expand and then take on thrilling new size and density. Your chest will fill out your clothing super fast  and make you stand up tall and proud as you watch your chest transform right in front of your very own eyes.


And You Will Get All These Dramatic Changes Without Using Drugs, Supplements Or Even Outdated Chest Training Techniques (Normally Found In Muscle Magazines And On The Net!)

 …Right now I know you will agree with me, that until today…you never came across a single chest routine that could deliver consistent chest size increases on a workout-by –workout basis...in fact, with all conventional routines (like the one you are currently using) chest growth gains usually come very slow (if at all)…and that is because the stuff never really works and the sad fact is that a lot of these old fashioned chest routines are just rehashes of the same old inefficient information, that has failed to give you the awesome chest size you desire...understand that when it comes to training chest there is nothing really new under the sun...that is until now…because…

“This Chest Boosting System I Want To Reveal To You Is New (So You Can’t Find It In Any Magazine Or Book) And It Represents A New Breakthrough Way Of Training For A Massive 3d Bubulous Chest”

Right now as we speak, there is maybe up to 93% more muscle growth potential in your chest that is just waiting to be unleashed to the world…that is right-“just waiting”…all you need is the know how to unlock this massive growth potential…the professional bodybuilders know some of these secrets and that is why they all have wicked chest development they desire…but hard gainers and amateur bodybuilders alike never could never get this information in their hands…that is-until now!

 But don’t fret because as scientific and as powerful as this chest building system is…the information in the
Massive Chest System is short, to the point and shows you a baby step-by-step way to boost your chest to sky high levels of growth… we call this breakthrough system the Massive Chest System and it contains everything you need to know about instantly building a ripped , wicked massive chest…

And get this, the Massive Chest System will work for you: no matter how old or young you are…. even if you are as thin as a rack or obese …no matter how advanced a bodybuilder you are or even if you are a beginner- this stuff will work for you…. and no matter what your goals are, this will also work for you…maybe you have no chest and want one… Maybe you don’t have any upper chest…or maybe you have a droopy lower chest or maybe you just want some raw scary bench power and Herculean strength. The massive chest system does it all..3-5 weeks on the system and …you’ll have…

A Wicked Behemoth Sized Chest With All The Bench Strength You Ever Dreamed Off”

 It is very simple and easy…it should not be this simple and powerful …but it is! And that is why I want to desperately share this information with you…it is all you need for developing a

“Godzilla Sized Chest…In Just A Few Short Weeks.”

  • And Here is why it will work for you:
  • For one, it is blatantly simple to follow-you don’t need fancy equipment, a good old rusty gym set with a bench press will do …plus everything is laid out in simple plain English...in fact it is so simple-even a child could read it in a just 45 minutes…
  • Second it doesn’t matter if you a beginner or a teenager or if you considered a bit “over the hill” because the Massive Chest System has step-by-step instructions for both the elderly and young teenagers alike…(a few tweaks and you will have a safe and natural way to boost your chest size and strength gains through the roof no matter how young or old you are!)
  • And finally, results are immediate and almost instant, so in just a 4-8 weeks your wicked chest development will be your own “Proof” that this stuff is downright the most powerful chest building system in existence

 But it gets even better, because not only will this system build up your chest muscles to breathtaking proportions, it will also

“Develop The Rest Of Your Body And Keep It In Par With Your Massive Chest Development!”

That’s right! You can kill too birds with one stone with the Massive Chest System -not only will you build up your chest but at the same time… you will also add jaw dropping size and strength to the rest of your physique –lightning fast 

How does the massive chest program do this?

It does this through the “indirect effect”…where every muscle and body part gets soaked with anabolic growth producing hormones and are automatically forced to grow in par with your chest… …. It is all that powerful….

 So say goodbye to your stubborn- hard- to-grow chest muscles…because a few short weeks on this program and you will be wearing…


“An XXL Shirt With A Decent 34 Inch Waist Pant. Its That "Shirt Busting Powerful"…”

 I could go on and on about how powerful this system is, But the truth is, you won’t actually know the massive growth effects of the Massive Chest System if you don’t actually use the system yourself-first hand and see what all the fuss is about yourself. So with that in mind, I have arranged a RISK free way for you to get your hands on this breakthrough material and try it out for a full 90 days without risking a penny of your hard earned money.


Here is my offer: order this manual...it is only $49.99.read it, beat the hell out of it. But use it and if after 90 days you are not absolutely convinced that you have made more gains on your chest in 2 months than your last 3 years of training chest (using the old fashioned way of training chest), just send the manual back for a full refund. And I will rush ship your money back to you. No conditions attached, No Hassle, No Risk…your word is good enough for me. You don’t even need to give me a reason…all I want you to do is give it an honest RISK FREE try

 So try it out and see the magic first hand. Watch how your chest balloons in size and thickness…watch as your chest fills out like a inflatable water bottle…and watch how the hot ladies attention are stolen away from other “average looking” guys and drawn exclusively to your new massive physique and well developed chest …people at work will want to know  “what you are on” and the guys at the gym will flat out accuse you of sucking up steroids.(But you are all natural)

And women are going to come up to you and talk to you …and wanting to touch your massive chest. After all they can’t help but notice your exceptional chest development...Even When You Have Clothes On!!!

 Ready to give it a try? Well then….

 Here is how to order: take out your credit card, we accept Amex, Visa Master Card Diners and we also accept all international orders. Don’t worry, your transaction is safe- indeed far safer than using your credit card at your favorite supermarket...once we receive your order we will rush ship your manual to you by airmail so you can begin building the body and the chest of your dreams in a few short days and remember if you are at all unsatisfied with the manual or the information it contains, just send the manual back for a full refund and we will still part friends…

 Look if you want to get monstrously big, if you want a chest that will make the biggest and strongest “juice head” at your gym envious of your massive chest size and strength then you must grab this chance …the old fashioned routine you are using at this moment to build your chest is not working and chances are it will not work in the future either. Understand that they were designed for juiced up bodybuilders to begin with…not for the natural hard gainer like yourself…you just got to order now while it is still fresh on your mind-remember you have 90 days to try it out! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Sincerely yours

Rob Maraby 



P.S. But wait there is more…if you order the program in next few days, I am going to throw in my absolute favorite- A revolutionary shoulder building routine, that is guaranteed to add 1-2 inches on both sides of your shoulder in just a few weeks

Now listen, shoulders absolutely make the man, without big shoulders you will never look like a bodybuilder…the moment you enter a room, people are drawn to your shoulders…big shoulders are the first thing a person notices when someone walks into the room(after your chest)…and if you are amongst your friends…women are drawn to the guy with the biggest shoulders…because it is instinctive …it is masculine and it symbolizes strength, power and sexuality (something women are drawn too)…

 So if you have narrow shoulders or if you have big front shoulders but small mid shoulders, don’t worry because in a few short weeks, this shoulder routine will bring them up to par and even give you that wicked chest shoulder tie in…that is symbolic of an exceptional physique!

 Let me tell you something, this report is worth at least  $49.99 and this is because it is a complete shoulder building system. This is not some routine thrown together by some juice head “expert”…Absolutely Not- this is a step-by-step system guaranteed to get your shoulders as big and as strong as you want it! It is quite possibly 28 pages of the most powerful shoulder building information yet released And it will work for you regardless of how many shoulder programs you may have tried in the past and failed…

If you want this report worth $49.99… you better act now, because in a few short weeks I will be offering this for sale at $39.99. Order The Massive Chest Program and you will get this Massive Shoulder system Free with your order of this Massive Chest Program




P.S.S Here is what folks are saying:

“Gain An Inch On Your Chest In Just 37 Days”

“Absolutely breathtaking is all I can say. I am utterly delighted at the results of your chest growth system. It works like magic. The first week I used it my pecs felt full…the second week it got hard...on the third week I put on ¾ of an inch…between the 4-5 th week I put on an inch…week 6-7 I put another ¼ inch on my chest. At the end of it my entire chest has deep cuts and definition …I also especially enjoyed the nutritional part…eating simple every day foods was a bonus. Cause I hate the traditional bodybuilders diet…with your system, there was no bland tasting foods, no strict diets…no cooking…I could be myself and still make phenomenal gains…all I can say to anyone who is remotely interested in increasing their chest size is “get this system”, then actually use it and watch your chest grow…. its that powerful!”
Bill Mayer via email

 “Transform Not Only Your Chest But The Rest Of Your Body As Well”

“Be consistent is all I can say…this system works like a charm if you stay consistent…when I first came across your system, I was skeptical, cause I have tried a lot of chest building programs in the past and failed…even after 6 years of training I still had a flat chest…so I decided to give it a try …after all it came with a 90 days money back guarantee…37 days later I am no longer a skeptic…my chest is no longer flat and I have made more gains in the last 30 odd days than my last 3 years of training…(I gained 1.26 inches to be exact) if you lack chest size. Get this…if you lack leg size get this...heck if you just want added mass everywhere on your body get this…you won regret it- I know I did not!” Spiro T, Toronto Canada via email

 “Blast Your Bench Power Through The Roof”

“I was stuck at 225 for 12 repetitions for the last 2 years on the flat bench press and I just wanted to break through my plateau…so I gave your system a try…in just 3 weeks in was pushing 250 for 9-11 repetitions…2 weeks later another 35 lbs…and the weird part is I did not even perform barbell chest presses…at the end of the course I was pushing 325lbs for 6 reps …and added one and a third inches to my chest…wow, I don’t know how it all works but man this routine will give you the strength and power you need…and the ability to add muscle to your chest… I highly recommend it!”
Karim Meza in Lebanon via email

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